Fees and funding

When publishing open access or just ‘the conventional way’, researchers and authors are required to pay an article publishing charge (APC) or book publishing charge (BPC). However, there are many funding options available to help cover these publishing charges.

How can scientists publish Open Access themselves?

“For a scientist who wants to publish Open Access, the process begins with making the choice which route to go. Sometimes – when associated to a university – it is possible APC / BPC costs have already been purchased (by the university). If they have not yet been redeemed, academics can hand over their publication to the repository ‘green’ anyway. But the advice is also to think about where you want to publish Open Access at the start of the research and, if necessary, to include the APC costs in the funding application.

Learn more about OA and the publishing options or submit your work or research right away.

How can a university support Open Access?

“The University Library can guide researchers through the publication process. The university can make agreements about Open Access with Wolf Legal Publishers. For these publications, the publication costs will already been bought off, so researchers can publish for ‘free’ audiences. If there is no agreement with Wolf Legal Publishers yet, there are, for example, subsidy options through the Open Access fund. The policy of most of the European universities is already to oblige researchers to include publications in the repository via the green route. This means that there is always a local version available at the institute that financed the research. This platform is ready for offering universities this local repository.

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