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What are Creative Commons?

Creative Commons For 30 years, our partnership with academic authors has led to numerous publications all over the world. Now through 2020, Digi-Courses came into existence to redirect 100% academic publications from researchers to publish open access. This low entry point will make it easier for fellow researchers to find each other. All free of access. Publish and (re)share. The aim of publishing is in the first place to get to your audience. With Open Access academic and scholarly publications are not only more accessible; it also increases visibility to a broader audience. It doesn't require necessarily publications [...]

Publishing options

Publishing options Any author of a research book has the opportunity to publish their work the way they prefer. Next to open access, research, science, technology, engineering, medical titles and books can be published. Moreover, authors always have the freedom to publish a chapter or chapters from their book OA or vice versa. More than just a repository When it comes to publishing options, you will find more options than just piling your work in a repository, we support online publication options, broadening your audience, still within academic and cultural sphere. When you create original work, in most [...]


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