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For 30 years, our partnership with academic authors has led to numerous publications all over the world. Now through 2020, Digi-Courses came into existence to redirect 100% academic publications from researchers to publish open access. This low entry point will make it easier for fellow researchers to find each other. All free of access.

Publish and (re)share.

The aim of publishing is in the first place to get to your audience. With Open Access academic and scholarly publications are not only more accessible; it also increases visibility to a broader audience. It doesn’t require necessarily publications need to be 100% free to get engagement and rebuild upon. Creative commons allow the author to determine the level of openness.

Each work is automatically copyrighted, which means that others are required to ask permission from you as the copyright owner. In the next level of publishing under Open Access, you can easily change the copyright “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved”. This involves Creative Commons (CC) licenses: public licenses, which allow you to specify what other people may do with your work.

Seven different Creative Commons licenses:

  • CC PUBLIC DOMAIN – copy, publish, modify, adapt, change of licence without attribution is possible

  • CC BY – the most open licence. Everything is possible, but attribution is required, including whether the publication has been changed

  • CC BY SA – also an open license. Share Alike indicates that the adjusted work should be shared under the same reuse rights, so with the same CC license

  • CC BY ND – stands for No Derivative works, makes the CC license more restrictive and less open

  • CC BY NC – same as ND, less open licence. Stands for Non Commercial use

  • CC BY NC ND – Attribution required, Non Commercial and No Derivatives work is allowed

  • CC BY ND SA– Attribution required, No Derivatives work is allowed and Share Alike meaning the work should be shared with the same CC licence

The grid gives a good visual overview of what each license allows.

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