As of December 2020.

Our fees cover the direct and indirect costs of commissioning, publishing and disseminating our (Open Access) content. Nevertheless, they are formulated to encourage all scientists, researchers and authors to share their work, maximizing visibility and offer an attractive revenue model. It explains the competitive yet fair level of costs.

Learn more about Digi-Courses business model and how it benefits a more then ever attractive revenue model for the author.

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Singel chapter: € 100

Singel chapters can function as excerpt to the original work. Provide them gold open access, or as a single purchase item. Both are just fine. Publication fee for a single chapter is € 100 excluding taxes. Comes as a downloadable interactive PDF and 5 printed copies for own promotion.

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Article: € 130

Allow articles to be made freely available to both subscribers and the general public with allowed reuse. To provide golden open access, the publication fee for each published article is set at €130 to be paid by the authors or their funders.

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Guide: € 900

Publish ‘light weigh’ work as a guide for € 900. Standard elaborated as downloadable interactive PDF + 10 copies are available for own promotion, next to extended communication on the author’s network as the related organisation’s network and this platform’s network.

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PhD: € 1750

Truly making an impact on society through your work, needs to ensure that it reaches the general public without being distorted by the media. Write a book about your work that is understandable by everyday people as well as by fellow academics and become a truly influential scientist. Publishing costs for PhDs: € 1750. Learn more about funding.

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Book: € 3000 – € 4500

Every story deserves a professional going to market. Based on your wishes and requirements for reaching specific audience, the book will be produced in a specific way.

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Your benefits

On all additional non-OA related publications an author pays less than the OA deal;
Includes standard physical copies, extra copies at printing costs only;
Selling price across the platform for students on paperback editions from €15;
10% discount on all platform purchases.

Revenue model

Next to discounts on publishing fees, there is just one important reason to publish with VWE. As we believe the authors need to be credited at a much fairer rate, 25% will go back on every purchased item.  Think every downloadable item, every single bought chapter, article or book. Or every podcast or other rated item.

This means every publisher is likely to promote his/her publication – just as we commit on our side.

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