Knowledge Clips

Clip 1: The history of research on people in workplaces


Chapter 1

Clip 2: Doing evidence-based HRM

Chapter 2

Clip 3: The business case for HRM
Clip 4: Human capital theories
Clip 5: SC and SET

Chapter 3

Clip 6: Knowledge!
Clip 7: Learning by individuals
Clip 8: Knowledge in organizations

Chapter 4

Clip 9: Planned change
Clip 10: Dynamic capabilities
Clip 11: Dynamic careers

Chapter 5

Clip 12: War for talent, why?
Clip 13: Economic theories of attraction and retention
Clip 14: Psychological theories on attraction and retention

Chapter 6

Clip 15: Power of workers, why?
Clip 16: Critical perspectives on voice
Clip 17: Unitaristic perspective on voice

Chapter 7

Clip 18: Moral and legal views on diversity
Clip 19: Cognitive and group processes of diversity and inclusion

Chapter 8

Clip 20: Decent work, why?
Clip 21: Stress theories and interventions
Clip 22: The ethics of decent work

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