Publishing options

Any author of a research book has the opportunity to publish their work the way they prefer. Next to open access, research, science, technology, engineering, medical titles and books can be published. Moreover, authors always have the freedom to publish a chapter or chapters from their book OA or vice versa.

More than just a repository

When it comes to publishing options, you will find more options than just piling your work in a repository, we support online publication options, broadening your audience, still within academic and cultural sphere.

When you create original work, in most cases you will be the initial owner of the copyright in that work. However, if the work is the result of research that was covered by a grant or conducted in service of a research institution, you may have an obligation to make the work freely available, in accordance with the open access policy of your funder or the institution.

Why publish for free?

Although free publishing within the OA philosophy does not seem to generate any revenue, it can still be profitable to choose for (a way of) Open Access. 

The most well known form of data publication is a traditional journal article with underlying data. That data can be hosted as additional material or deposited in a repository, where the trend is that additional material is no longer used. And that is a shame. Why not use this material as separate (free to access) clues to the ‘real’ work?

Even when choosing to publish on personal websites, department or projects, it is still interesting to share them here and link the pages to each other. It increases the findability in search engines and you get the support to use other channels to reach your audience.

Reusability of research

How a publication is re-used and build upon, depends in the first place on the the chosen ‘way’ and the copyrights of licensed books. Publications associated with copyrights or agreements do not have to compromise on visibility. Especially if you have material that lends itself to online educational material, it is certainly worth making small adjustments to have your work be build upon. After all: isn’t that the purpose at the end?


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