Evidence-based HRM: What (do) we know about people in workplaces?

Evidence based HRM: What (do) we know about people in workplaces? is an authoritative, practical text on using scientific and local evidence for doing Human Resource Management. It explains how making informed decisions about people in workplaces will benefit organizational performance, assure fit with the organizational context, as well as benefit employee wellbeing. The book provides a quick reference to the core theories and the key research evidence that inform present day HRM knowledge.

by Brigitte Kroon


English | Paperback & Hardcover

ISBN: 978-94-6240-688-9 (interactive PDF)
ISBN: 978-94-6240-669-8 (Softcover)
ISBN: 978-94-6240-672-8 (Hardcover)

Publisher: Open Press TiU
Language: English
Pages: 110

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Students like the book, because it:

  • Supports them in ‘doing HRM’ in a thorough but hands-on manner. The text provides a workflow for the diagnosis of HRM issues in organizations. Many MBA-, HRM-, employment relations- and management students at (advanced) undergraduate and Master’s level used the book to advise organizations about a diverse range of personnel related issues
  • Raises awareness about stakeholder interests (employees, finance, customers, management, industry) in HRM issues
  • Provides them with an overview of relevant HRM theories and a quick reference to the research evidence for these theories. The book learns them to evaluate the research evidence for HRM interventions.
  • Provides practical cases and study questions to help understand and apply evidence based HRM
  • Learns them to reflect critically on the nature of personnel problems and on information needed before jumping to a solution.
  • It shows them that with some effort, the gap between science and practice can be bridged.

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Brigitte Kroon

About the author

Brigitte Kroon Phd. is assistant professor and director of education of Human Resource Studies (Bsc) at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

“In my first job after graduation as an I-O psychologist in 1994, I experienced how line managers were struggling with employee related questions and how executive managers were sensitive to doubtful advice provided by expensive consultants. I started wondering how the things I learned in university about participation, motivation and employee development could be translated into practice more effectively. When I followed my hopes for more analytical depth in my work and found employment in Tilburg University in 2004, I sometimes found myself wondering why some of the great research performed by colleagues did not find its way to organizational practice. This experience cumulated in a dream to increase the awareness of evidence based human resource management in as many people as possible: students, managers and scholars. I hope this book will contribute to improved decision making about people related issues in organizations.”

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