Evidence-based HRM: What (do) we know about people in workplaces

Evidence based HRM
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Human Resource Management is about managing the labor side of organizations. As labor resides in people, managing labor involves managing people. Because people can think and act in response to management, effective management of people involves a good understanding of psychology, sociology, laws, and economics. Any person in a managerial position should therefore have some basic understanding of human resource management. However, since not every organization is the same, and because the challenges that organizations face are different, there is no ‘one best practice suits all’ recipe for doing HRM. Hence, organizations need people who know where to find the best HRM interventions for the issues that they face.

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Trained as a work and organizational psychologist with 10 years of experience in HRM and consulting, Brigitte Kroon joined Tilburg University in 2003 to teach and to research about HRM. Read more…

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