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The New Common


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How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Transforming Society

This book presents the scientific views of some fifty experts on the way they think that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting society now and in the years to come. Using the concept of a “common” like in common values, common places, common goods, and common sense, they elaborate on a transition from an old common to a new common. In 31 chapters, the expected shifts are analyzed in major fields like health, education, finance, business, work, and citizenship, applying concepts from law, psychology, economics, sociology, religious studies, and computer science to express their views. Many authors anticipate an acceleration of the digital transformation in the forthcoming years, but at the same, time they argue that a successful shift to a new common can only be achieved by revaluating life on our planet through strengthening resilience at an individual level and assuming more responsibilities from a societal perspective.

With contributions from

Emile Aarts, Peter Achterberg, Maurice Adams, Alfred Archer, Sonja Bekker, Daniel Bertram, Leonieke van Boekel, Erik Borgman, Frank Bosman, Carlos de Bourbon de Parme,
Johanna Buerkert, Anne Bülow, Colette Cuijpers, Petri Embregts, Sylvester Eijffinger,
Hein Fleuren, Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Paul van Geest, Morag Goodwin,

Martijn Groenleer, Odile Heynders, Maarten Horden, Meriam Janssen, Ronald de Jong, Maurits Kaptein, Loes Keijsers, Esther Keymolen, Jan Loffeld, Max Louwerse, Katrien Luijkx, Kenny Meesters, Quita Muis, Michele Nuijten, Phillip Paiement, Robin Pierce, Ioana Pop, Eric Postma, Marie Postma, Corien Prins, Quirine Quirijns, Tim Reeskens,

Mirjam van Reisen, Conny Rijken, Bettina Siflinger, Margriet Sitskoorn, Anton Sluijtman, Toine Spapens, Annerieke Stoop, Linnet Taylor, Marjolein Verbiest, Jelte Wicherts, Archibald van Wieringen, Nathan Wildman, Ton Wilthagen.

322 in stock



The New Common

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Transforming Society

by Emile Aerts, Hein Fleuren, Margriet Sitskoorn, Ton Wilthagen

ISBN: 978-94-6167-432-6 (Paperback, interactive PDF)

Published by: Open Press TiU
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© OPEN PRESS Tilburg University 2020

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