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For those who do not believe in miracles, ePub


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For those who do not believe in miracles

ISBN: 978-94-6240-271-3
Published: 2019 (2nd updated edition) (1st ed. 2015)
Authors: Mama Lambert and Hans Dekkers
Publisher: Wolf Legal Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 251

Upon coming face-to-face with death, Beata escapes its fearsome grasp at the last moment. This hair-raising escape alone justifies the book’s title, ‘For those who do not believe in miracles’, a biography of Beata Mukarubuga. An almost unbelievable tale of the horrors of the genocide that broke out in 1994 in Rwanda, as seen through the eyes of Beata, a Tutsi woman and one of its victims. She was on the run for three months with her one year-old son, Lambert, on her back. She survives the terrible slaughter, but loses everything dear to her. Now she faces the nearly impossible task of building a new future for herself all alone. But Beata shows amazing resilience, leaves the name ‘Beata’ behind and goes forward in life as Mama Lambert.

Mama Lambert (1952) has been the head of counseling of Solace Ministries in Rwanda since 2002, where she supports genocide survivors in coming to terms with the genocide. She found the courage to resume her studies and in 2015 she successfully completed a university course in theology at the ‘Rwanda Institute of Evangelical Theology’. Hans Dekkers (1946) from the Netherlands wrote down Mama Lambert’s life story.

The reader follows her difficult journey in which forgiveness, reconciliation and strong faith are the healing powers that form the basis for her renewed existence and rightly give the book its title ‘For those who do not believe in miracles.’

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