Basics of American Labour Law

Basics of Amercian labour law
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Why is American labour law as it is – often so different from the law in other states? And can we expect in the nearby future changes in the present state of American Labour Law? For an answer on these questions we have to well understand the background of labour law, and have some idea of the size, geographical situation, population, culture, economic data etc. of the USA. One can find such information at numerous places.

To understand actual US labour law and the possibilities for changes in USA labour law I want to focus your attention on the constitutional and the political situation in the USA.
If I had to assess the impact of federal labour law on the American labour market, I would come at 80%; in Europe the impact of EU labour law I would estimate it at 20%. This would leave the impact of State law on the American labour market at 20%, while in Europe the impact of national labour law on their labour markets would be 80%. Of course, this is not more than an assessment at random, but I believe that most labour market experts will join this assessment. Obviously, this cohabitation of federal labour law with the law of the States will cause legal and practical difficulties

Dr. Antoine T.J.M. Jacobs

About the author

Prof. dr. Antoine T.J.M. Jacobs is emeritus Professor in Labour Law, Social Security Law and Social Policy at the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands. He has written… Read more

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