Corporate Profile

Academic and cultural service platform

VWE is an academic and cultural online service platform that combines open access and hybrid publishing, bringing a number of advantages to both those who which to publish and researchers.

Based on the same characteristics of service clubs which focus on social mission as external servitude, member’s contribution will consist of peer-to-peer reviews, active participation in the community, contribute to social activities, networks and opportunities for personal development as internal servitude.


Bridging the difficulties of searching for and offering knowledge by making academic and cultural knowledge open to both the author and the researcher.

By offering the possibility to publish in a hybrid way, researchers and searchers will be linked, facilitating knowledge transfer.

Our Roots

In Wolf Legal Publishers VWE finds one of the pillars.

Wolf Legal Publishers (WLP) has been active as an independent legal publisher since 1998. With books, journals and reports in the field of (international) criminal law and (international) public law, including human rights, WLP shows a solid track record.

In addition to the production of “ordinary” books, WLP was and still is engaged in specialist publications that were/are not easy to classify as “normal” publishers, or that are often no longer published by these publishers for commercial reasons (such as some theses and non-commercially attractive publications). These niches are often at the intersection of several jurisdictions,  covering niche markets environmental law, educational law, victimology, Antilles & Suriname and military law/war law.

Willem-Jan van der Wolf

Open spirit as backbone

With the dedication to open the world to accessible knowledge, we – the founders – have dedicated ourselves to contribute to an open platform as well as aiming to fully understand the needs of customers, suppliers and partners in a sustainable way at all levels.